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Five ways aluminium Bi-Fold Doors can transform your home.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors are a trendy and practical choice for homeowners looking to enhance the look and functionality of their homes. These doors offer a range of advantages that can completely change the way your home feels and functions. In this blog post we will explore five ways in which aluminium Bi Folding Doors can revitalise your home. 


Whether you have a modern or traditional home, Bi Folding doors enhance homes of every size and style. One of the key benefits if Bi Folding doors is that they increase your home’s aesthetic appeal, therefore increasing its value. They are sleek and stylish which adds a modern look to any home. Aluminium doors come in a variety of colours, meaning you can match your doors to your interior and exterior design perfectly. They can be customised to meet your specific requirements, which adds a personal touch to your home. Additionally, these doors can be equipped with a variety of safety features making them an excellent choice for homes with small children. Bi Folding doors are easily maintained, as most are made of aluminium or UPVC, requiring only an occasional clean with everyday cleaning fluids to keep them in good condition.



By installing Bi Folding doors to your home, you break down the traditional barrier of four walls, creating a feeling of spaciousness and eliminating any sense of confinement. These doors are engineered to let in maximum natural light, making living spaces feel brighter and more open, which also helps lower energy cost by minimising the need for artificial light during the day. Here at Fast Doors we use high performance glass to help keep your energy bills down. This helps keep your home warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.


Bi Folding doors open fully, providing easy access to your outdoor living spaces, thereby improving the flow of your home and creating a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living areas. 


Bi Folding doors are one of the most secure doors on the market. They feature multiple locking points across the structure and can be fitted on completely enclosed tracks. We are so confident when it comes to the manufacturing of our doors, they come with a 10 year guarantee, providing that extra peace of mind that your home is secure. 


All Fast doors are manufactured in the UK, ensuring premium quality and durability. We have vast experience in the manufacture of aluminium products making us a reliable supplier with a great reputation. Here at Fast Doors, we take pride in providing a fast and efficient service as we understand the importance of timely delivery when it comes to renovations.


Aluminium Bi Folding Doors transform your home in a variety of ways, including increasing natural light, improving indoor-outdoors flow, increasing security and increasing the value of your home. If You’re thinking of renovating your home or commercial space, consider Aluminium Bi Folding doors and enjoy the variety of great benefits they have to offer. 

The Benefits of choosing a UK Manufactured Aluminium Bi Folding Doors.

When it comes to investing in Bi Folding doors for your home or business, there are many advantages to opting for doors that are manufactured in the UK. Not only can you be certain of the premium quality and long lasting durability of the product, but you will also be supporting the UK economy, cutting down on transportation costs and reducing your carbon footprint. 


One of the key benefits of choosing a UK manufactured Bi Folding door is the ease of communication with the supplier. By working with a company based in the United Kingdom, you can easily visit showrooms to view products in person and contact them with any queries or concerns. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to customising your doors to suit your specific requirements. 


By sourcing your doors from a UK supplier, you will be reducing the amount of energy and resources required to transport the doors to your location, which helps reduce your carbon footprint. As well as reducing carbon footprint, you will also be helping to support the UK economy, and reduce the risk in the supply chain. UK manufacturers have a reputation for producing high quality products that are built to last, products marked as “Made in Britain” are regarded as a “quality supplier”, you can be certain of the provenance of your product.


UK suppliers are subject to laws that ensure they manufacture to approved industry standards, which means you can trust that the Bi Folding doors you purchase will meet the highest quality of standards. At Fast Doors, we offer a 10 year guarantee on our products, giving you peace of mind that your doors are protected against issues that may arise. We pride ourselves on having a vast experience in manufacturing aluminium products. All of our doors are made to the highest specification. Our aluminium products are strong, durable and low maintenance, they are a great choice for any home.


You can expect shorter lead times when working with a UK based supplier. This can be particularly useful if you’re on a tight schedule. Our set sized doors are a fast and efficient service with a delivery time of 3-5 days. We understand the importance of a timely delivery, 


Choosing a UK manufacturer Bi Folding door comes with many benefits such as easier communication, quality control. Shorter lead times, reduced carbon footprint and guaranteed high quality product. 

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