Complaints Policy

At Fast Doors, we strive to provide exceptional products and services to our valued customers. We understand that occasionally concerns or issues may arise, and we are committed to addressing them promptly and efficiently. This Complaints Policy outlines the process for customers who have purchased products from Fast Doors to express their complaints.

Complaint Submission
Customers who wish to make a complaint regarding a product purchased from Fast Doors should direct their complaint to the following email address: [email protected]. We encourage customers to include the following information in their complaint:

Full name
Contact information (phone number, email address)
Order number (if applicable)
Description of the complaint, including relevant details and any supporting documentation (such as photos)
Acknowledgement of Complaint
Upon receiving a complaint, Fast Doors will acknowledge the complaint within 72 hours. The acknowledgement will be sent via email to the customer’s provided email address. The email will confirm that the complaint has been received and provide an estimated timeframe for resolution.

Complaint Investigation
Fast Doors will initiate an investigation into the complaint promptly after acknowledging its receipt. Our dedicated team will review the details provided and may request additional information or clarification if necessary.

Resolution Process
Fast Doors is committed to resolving complaints in a fair and timely manner. The specific steps taken to address each complaint may vary depending on the nature of the issue. Our resolution process typically involves the following:

a) Evaluation: Our team will assess the complaint thoroughly, considering all available information and any relevant policies or warranties.

b) Communication: Fast Doors will maintain regular communication with the customer throughout the resolution process. We will provide updates on the progress and anticipated timeline for resolving the complaint.

c) Resolution: Once the investigation is complete, Fast Doors will propose a suitable resolution to the customer. This may include, but is not limited to, replacement of the product, repair, refund, or other appropriate measures to address the complaint.

If a customer is not satisfied with the proposed resolution, they may request to escalate their complaint. In such cases, the request should be made in writing via email to the following address: [email protected]. Fast Doors will acknowledge the escalation request and assign it to a senior representative for further review and resolution.

Fast Doors aims to resolve complaints within a reasonable timeframe. However, the duration may vary depending on the complexity of the complaint. We will strive to provide updates to the customer regarding the progress and any anticipated delays.

Confidentiality and Privacy
Fast Doors will treat all customer complaints with strict confidentiality and handle personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. Any information provided by the customer will be used solely for the purpose of resolving the complaint.

Policy Review
Fast Doors may periodically review and update this Complaints Policy to ensure its effectiveness. The updated version will be made available on our website or provided upon request.

We appreciate your business and are committed to providing excellent customer service. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this Complaints Policy, please contact us at [email protected].